About Robert Barr, Inc.

Founded by Robert Barr in 1976. Barr was already known for his work on screw design and had a barrier screw patent granted in 1970. His background was as a development engineer working for a leading extruder manufacturer in New Jersey, Hartig division of Midland Ross, Corp.

In 1972 he left Hartig to form, Barr Polymer Systems, Inc. The primary focus of this company was designing and manufacturing extruders and blow molding machines. This company was a marketing and engineering success and it was acquired by the Uniloy division of Hoover Ball and Bearing Company in 1974. Barr was retained by Uniloy as their Technical Director.

In 1976 Barr founded Robert Barr, Inc. With a patent on a new barrier screw, the BARR 2 screw, the company began marketing and designing plasticating screws for all processes. Over the next 7 years the company developed the BARR ET screw which was released in 1983.

In 2000 Jeff Myers was hired as VP Engineering and Sales. Jeff had an extensive background of 18 years in screw design, especially in injection molding applications at that time.

Then, in 2002, the company developed and patented the VBET screw which has since proven to be a superior design to anything on the market, including the ET screw. In addition, BARR has developed a number of new types of polymer mixer sections such as the Fluxion, which has been very successful in many applications.

The company has received many patents over the years for screw design, mixers and metering pumps.

In 2004 Robert Barr became Chairman and Jeff Myers was made President of the company.

From the time BARR Inc was incorporated in 1976, the main focus and commitment to the plastic industry has been to maximize machine efficiency and supply the highest quality product.